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Professional Engineering – for Hobby, too

Hardware-enhancements for light signal control and busy-state detection of track sections – compatible to stp-Software, ZIMO-control, Märklin s88-Bus and generic PIO-Interfaces.
Schematic design and layout development with Eagle.

sig 32

Module to control light signals with LEDs or incandescent lamps. Soft crossfade of signal aspects. 32 outputs, serial linking of up to 6 modules. Suitable for generic PIO-Interfaces, too.

                    Datasheet (97 kB)

bm 24

Module for busy-state detection on Märklin C- and K-layouts.
24 inputs by opto-couplers. Suitable for generic PIO-Interfaces and Märklin s88-Bus, too.

                    Datasheet (124 kB)

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