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At this point statements, thoughts and comments concerning different topics of energy supply will be published in loose sequence.



Not absolute amount of a material is essential for its availability, but the concentration - or even dispersion. It is quite similar for (energy-)raw materials in demand than for abatement and waste gases.

When resources of raw materials are introduced, the sheer amount of coal, oil, uranium or other ores is in focus. Less obvious is the factual available amount. For fracking (hydraulic fracturing,...

Energy Imports

Germany - like many other countries - relies strongly on energy imports. Cost of imports from energy carriers burden trade balance annually by nearly 100 billion Euro - with continuous upward trend.

Germany depends on imports of energy carriers to a high degree: Natural gas is importet for more than 90 %, for crude oil it is nearly the total demand. In the meantime even hardcoal is imorted...

Space and Energy - Real Estate!

What does account primarily for the value of real estate? - Space provided on earth cannot be enlarged.

Similar does happen to energy, too: Energy may be converted between different forms, but will never increase by conversion.

Regenerative energies like solar and wind energy are quite comparable to agricultural cultivation: They are harvested. The larger the area, the more extensive the yield.
Thus, most efficient...
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