Shadowy Existence

Yield of photovoltaic plants depends to a high extent on shadowless operation: Beside trees and buildings even unimpressive objects like
  • antennas
  • lightning rods
  • aerial cables
  • chimneys
may significantly reduce yield. Background is the construction of modules from numerous single solar cells.

Under operation conditions where shadowing can't be avoided completely, the orientation of photovoltaic modules, yet more important catenation of modules to strings and their connection to one or more inverters, are similar decisive to yield like roof's orientation and slope.


Listening, Analyzing, Decission Making

Concepts, calculations and application for grants and subsidies.
Research, analysis and assessment of technologies for
regenerative energy supply (e.g. photovoltaic, wind and hydro power, geothermal).

Consultancy Services for Communal Councillors

  • Wind park on municipal land
  • Photovoltaic systems on municipal buildings
  • client: Community Malborn

Community Malborn

Concept and Evaluation for 100% Renewable Supply

500.000 inhabitants of Capeverdian archipelago shall be supplied by 100 % renewable electricity. On behalf of Capeverdian government and for IfaS-Institute a concept including renewable energy- and storagemix is provided (2012/2013). From end of 2013 incremental implementation is planned.
  • Supply concept for Cape Verde
  • client: IfaS

IfaS - Institute for Applied Material Flow Management

Project Control

  • Technical consultancy for wind park project
  • client: Gaswerk Illingen

Gaswerk Illingen

Potential Analysis for Wind Power

  • updating of energy concept for region of Trier
  • client: Planungsgemeinschaft Trier, IfaS

Energiekonzept für die Region Trier, Abschlussbericht 2010 (germ.)

  • development of methodology and tool for wind potential analysis within communal climate projects
  • client: IfaS

PLG Trier
IfaS - Institute for Applied Material Flow Management

Concepts, Studies and Assessment of Technologies

  • photovoltaic
  • wind power
  • hydro power
  • geothermal
  • storage

Design of Photovoltaic Plants

  • optimize solar yield – for environment and income!

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