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The Power Plant House

House of Action

Modern life with all amenities – and yet no cost for electricity, heat and water? This is not that hard to achieve by todays technology. H.O.M.E. reveals how to provide autarky for the home.

ELECTRICITY: Houses, which produce at least that amount of electricity like they consume, are a nice target, which is quite achievable. However certain seasonal factors need to be considered.

HEAT: Heating with wood is one solution - but fortunately not the only one. Since the sustainable amount of the resource is limited. Support is given by ground soil – or the sun.

WATER: Separation between drinking water and water for domestic use is already an important step toward self-supply. If the weather plays along self supply with water is feasible.

H.O.M.E. publ. 06/18 (in German)
Article, in German (457 kB)
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