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More than Sun, Wind and Hydro

Energy for a New Era

While climate change continuously becomes more apparent, a topic of similar importance typically is ignored: Reserves of todays preferred energy carriers are limited to such an extent that for reasons of reliable energy supply quick change of paradigms is required.

In contrast, there are abundant regenerative resources like wind, solar irradiation, geothermal heat, biomass or hydro power. Just a tiny fraction of them is capable to satisfy global energy demand in a sustainable way. On the background of increasing prices, disastrous environmental damage and enormous subsideries for coal, oil and nuclear fuels, regenerative energies are also attractive from an economical point of view. This textbook takes inventory and pleads for rethinking.

A comprehensive survey in compact outline concerning the energy future. Applied Technolgies, comprehensible explained also for laymen, including numerous graphs and tables for convenient understanding.

(Title available in German, only.)
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