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Engineering Consultants Synwoldt

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Engineering Consultants Synwoldt

  • technology assessments, concepts, calculations
  • talks, seminars, trainings, presentations
  • technical brochures, information material
  • consultance for and design of photovoltaic plants

Flyer: Topics and Services (780 kB)

Project Management and Technical Consultance

For teams of inventors and investors in the realm of regenerative energies. 
Issues of technical and economic feasability, grants from different programs ; concepts, calculations and presentations.

University Teaching Position

University Koblenz/Landau
DIPLOMA University
University of Applied Science Trier (Environmental Campus Birkenfeld)

Lectures in undergraduate and graduate studies, national and international programs.


Scientific-technical textbooks concerning regenerative energy supply and electrical engineering.

Decentral Energy Supply
All about Electricity
More than Sun, Wind and Hydro

Earlier professional Activities

Business areas of consultance and training, as well as project management and technical development.
Longtime Technical Head of Software-Distributor.
Analyzing and editing complex technical topics and communication and developing of creative solutions in cooperation with customers, prospects and external organizations.

Dipl.-Ing. Electrical Engineering (Technical University)

Major fields of study: measurement and electronics.
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