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10 Assumptions on the Future of Energy

Energy rules our life. How much, we normally do not realize before once heat, electricity and fuels were not provided. So much worse our more or less incautious handling turns up. Increasing prices and discussions on would-be safe technologies demonstrate the impact of this kind of economic activities. It seems to be contractictory to a high degree when there is more confidence into safe operation of nuclear power stations as when a comparable art of engineering is in attendance on development of sustainable energy supply.

Energy is valuable. 23 Eurocents per kilowatthour of electricity do not reflect a real measure, but fouling contents in the fridge or manually to be performed washing show a real value. When computers are senseless tin cans and lamps just hang down from the ceiling spending no light, when the room heating keeps cold and any distance as to be covered as a pedestrian or by bicycle, the dependency on continuously provided and even affordable energy becomes obviously.

H.O.M.E. publ. 06/11 (in German)
Article, in German (240 kB)
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