Digged deeper and thought along

At this point statements, thoughts and comments concerning different topics of energy supply will be published in loose sequence.


Affordable Energy - thanks to Energy Transition!

Energy remains affordable? German newspaper WAZ subtitled in its issue dated 21.02.2012 "utilities disconnect hundreds of thousands of customers from the grid." Many electricity customers can not pay their bill - and further increases in electricity prices have exacerbated the pressure on costs.

Is this actually the cost of energy transition?

Constantly, increasing electricity prices are emphasized in the wake of the energy tranistion. No nightmare scenario is left out in order to confuse private consumers and industry clients. After the...

Deferring Cost

Similarities between Finance and Energy Supply.

The actual multinational debt crisis illustrates the concequences of past decisions. Continued unbalance of revenues and expenditures leads to increasing debts. The situation tends to be catastrophal...

We should leave Oil before it leaves us

This idea has been coined by Fatih Birol, chief economist of the International Energy Agency IEA, an organization which is particular close to the application of conventional energy.

Is the invention of the steam machine set as a starting point for industrial use, a phase lasting of 250 years may be observed, which has most likely already passed its summit. Independently ...
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