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At this point statements, thoughts and comments concerning different topics of energy supply will be published in loose sequence.


The New Benchmark: Energy Expenditure

Considering increasing world market prices, euphonic scenarios like New Oil or New Gas appear, giving the impression that – even on a higher cost level – the exploitation of earlier non-economic reservoirs will be feasible. From a technical point of view this statement may be effective, but on the long run it is more than questionable.

Oil sands like in Athabasca depression, Canada, count for this type of new resources. But their bitumen contents ranges just around 5 %. Hardly to imagine amounts of spoil are to be handled....

Clean Coal

German edition of the Scientific American, Spektrum der Wissenschaften, published in January 2011 an article headlined »large laundry for the climate« describing a scenario of a clean and economically feasible  technology to separate carbon dioxide from the flue gases of coal fired power plants. The following lines – slightly supplemented by explanations – have been published in March 2011 as letter to the editor in reply.

It is fascinating and unbelievable at the same time: More than half a century after starting „the peaceful use of nuclear energy“, there is still no concept for final deposition of...

Grid Stability

Fluctuating supply from wind- and photovaltic  power plants is a challenge for grid operation - a threatening collapse is not an issue.

End of year 2010, in Germany there will be wind power plants installed with nominal power of approx. 28 GW and photovoltaic plants with a peak power of approx. 18 GW. Calculative a level is...
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